*TWH Hosts Poetry Retreat & Goes Non-Profit!*


The Watering Hole is a grassroots movement that began as a Facebook Group created by fellows of Cave Canem South Workshops. We all had varying backgrounds—some of us M.F.A. and Ph.D. candidates, some on the spoken word tour circuit, some closet poets; however, all of us were searching to fill a void. We needed a community of poets who understood the cultural framework of our work; who could breakdown Plato, Roger Bonair-Agard, and Biggie in the same breath; who believed in the power of a united writing community; and who were passionate about getting our voices into the world as a team. We were starved for a craft-oriented poetry community of color.

We need incorporation and non-profit status in order to be able to access arts grants, which could fuel our initiatives for the next decade and more. That would help us keep retreats, online master classes, and other craft/community building initiatives affordable and accessible for all of our participants, better support our facilitators, and finally, finally, finally be able to provide scholarships, as well. 
We’ll trade you a fantastic perk for a donation!


Also, keep an eye out for updates on our 5-day retreat December 26-30!
And make some noise for us by using the share buttons below! Spread the word!

Retreat Pic



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