Anthology Submissions

The Watering Hole is pleased to announce open submissions for unpublished poetry and visual art for our first anthology. The theme is Re-envisioning Heritage and Tribe. This includes poems about home, family, ancestry, history, and so on, but it’s not limited to that. To help you understand the kinds of poems we are looking for, here is how we define those terms.

For us, a poem that re-envisions heritage or tribe is not simply a poem that recalls “my grandma’s grits” or “the drum beat of the Congo.” That work has been forged already and we’ve inherited a legacy that is wider, more varied, and more colorful than this. What we are asking for is a history that connects with your present reality whether this be personal, political, social, economic, local, or global. We need you as artists to connect this history with our present. We want young poets to look back in 2034 and understand 2015 better through this anthology. We want you writing about the South, which we define as any place South of Canada. We want you to be documentarians, activists, and first-responders who can connect today to yesteryear, whether implicitly or explicitly. We believe in the end that it all comes back to heritage and tribe strengthens it all.  This leaves space for however you define those terms as well.

Submission Guidelines

Poetry Submissions: We want no more than 5 pages of unpublished poems. Email your submission as a Word Document to with “Poetry Submission” + [YOUR LAST NAME] + [YOUR RECEIPT #] (eg. R374836605) in the subject line. Please, list your name and the poem titles on your cover letter and do not include your name on any of the poetry pages. (Check out this write up, if you need help writing a POETRY SUBMISSION COVER LETTER.)

Visual Art Submissions: We want up to 3 images of paintings, works on paper, sculpture, original digital images, or photographs in jpg format. The images should be no less than 8″ in any direction. The submission fee is $10. Email your submission to with “Art Submission” + [YOUR LAST NAME] + [YOUR RECEIPT #] (eg. R374836605) in the subject line.

To pay submission fee, please click here.

***Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2015***


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