We Hit Our Goal! Thank You!

Because of all your hard work—the sharing, messaging, e-mailing, calling, and donating—The Watering Hole was able to surpass our funding goal with $5,662 with more than 100 donors. Our vision is to create a safe and affordable space for poetry of color where poets of all styles can focus on craft; and that’s exactly what you’ve helped us do. We’re so excited! We’ll be sending your perks by January. Please, follow this link to give us your t-shirt size if one came with your perk.

Now, we can proudly announce two need-based retreat scholarships: The Hooper Scholarship for Single Mothers and The Lindsey Scholarship for Male Poets, donated in memory of George Rufus Lindsey. We’re accepting applications now. For more information, follow the hyperlinks or visit twhpoetry.org.

We are also moving towards non-profit status and searching for a lawyer who specializes in arts non-profits (EIN, bank account, 501(c) 3 status). If you have any suggestions, we’ll take them, happily!

As an additional thank you, we’d like to invite all of you to attend our retreat participants’ final reading on the morning of December 30th. Simply RSVP by December 1st. You are also welcome to submit to our Book and Video Anthology, Jan. 1—Mar. 31, 2015. More info. to come.

Stay tuned for our line-up of 2015 Online Master Class facilitators. Congratulations to our 2014 Online Master Class Contest Winners L.G. Parker, Robert Randolph, Jr., and Latorial Faison.

Aside: Since people are still mailing donations, we decided to open up a donations link on our Eventbrite page.

With Love and Appreciation,

Candace and Monifa


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