11 Days to Push!

This quest alone for non-profit status has already opened up more opportunities for us. We are grateful to Dr. Gabbin and the Furious Flower crew for giving us a platform, to Nikky Finney, Vievee Francis, and Greg Pardlo for being such generous financial contributors and fierce advocates, grateful for endless advice from Kwame Dawes, and our retreat and online master class facilitators past, present, and future for their time and positive energy.

The Watering Hole 2014 Donor List

Thank you to Nikky Finney, Vievee Francis and Greg Pardlo, Lita Hooper, Edwin Julien, Christopher Rose, Robert Randolph, L. Lamar Wilson, Jennifer Bartell, Mary Love, Teri Elam, Edward Smith, Remica Bingham-Risher, Tiana Webb Evans, Monica Hand, Chaquina Jones, Dr. Monifa Love, Kelty Allen, Henry Lemons, Maura Badji, Vone Chisholm, Tope Folarin, Kevin Dublin, Ed Madden, Joshua Bennett, Susan R., Marcie Dunham, Charles and Cheena Latta, Niki Johnson, Patricia Smith, Michele Reese, Cynthia Manick, JP Howard, Thasia Madison, Len Lawson, Cedric Tillman, John and Elaine Coleman, Ayodele Heath, Ravi Howard, Norelle Dean, Nina Feemster, Dr. Gina Bell, Emmanuel Smith, Felicia Stokes, Ali Arant, Naakoshie, Lydia Cortes, Nadia Alexis, Andrea Hayes, McKeeta Allen, Sadie Lemons, Julie M., Dr. Qiana Whitted, Masonya B., Dr. Michael LeMahieu, Grace C. Ocasio, Essence London, Dustin Pearson, Rita Crocker, Brandi Feemster, Johnna Allen, Miranda Bild, Barber Diaz, Stephanie Battle, Saida Agostini, Alexis Stratton, , Dinah Johnson, Roscoe Burnems, DeRonte Smith, Unifyed Sol Poets, spanishbutherfly, Marcus Bigger, K. Marshall, Porchia Moore, Joyce Rose-Harris, Yaa N. Densua, Christina Davison, Jeremy Clark, Bonita Penn, Lauren Parker, Tamoria Praylow, Natasha Johl, , Jeffrey Peterson, Hope Johnson, Joyce Rose-Harris, Avery Edghill, Hannah Tall, Lauren E. and several anonymous contributors.



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