Newest Online Master Class Facilitator!!!

We’re on to our third Online Master Class and each time gets better and better! We’re so excited to see that you guys are interested in these classes. The premise behind them was to extend those tingly retreat feelings–the fire, the intensity, the growth, the community–throughout the year; to provide graduate-level classes to anyone who wants to take them; and to strengthen our study of contemporary poets of color. These were things that we needed in our lives, so we figured you might be missing them, too. 

We kicked the series off with a Tara Betts and followed up with L. Lamar Wilson. Now, our poet on deck is M. Ayodele Heath. If you want to grow and haven’t taken one of these classes, we challenge you. The risk is minimal, the reward is infinitesimal. Step up to the plate and take this class. It’s growing time!


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